Choosing a dentist for your child is an important decision. You are choosing someone, not only to care for your child’s dental health, but also who will be sensitive to your child and to you as a parent.  All About Smiles believes in prevention first and foremost.  Whether it involves a newborn with nursing issues or preventing decay, infection and other dental problems in older children; we do our utmost to make a difference with every child at every appointment.   In our fun, patient-centered environment, we make appointments relaxed and enjoyable.  Our greatest reward is when parents tell us, their children are excited to come to the dentist.

~Dr. Katherine Cotton, DMD MS

Our Office

All About Smiles was designed to make your child feel safe and calm at any age.  The reception area is designed with younger children in mind, where parents can observe their child playing with age appropriate toys.   The loft is designed to accommodate older children with video games and movies.

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About Dr. Cotton and How She Works

While it is customary for a website biography to simply mention Dr Cotton’s affiliations with multiple dental associations, those relationships don’t effectively explain how she came to be so devoted to her chosen career. Dr. Cotton has not experienced a conventional dental career. To date, this lifelong passion has traveled with her over 45 years in 7 states.

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What Our Parents Are Saying

Pediatric Dental Services

Preventive dentistry is the best way to help avoid problems such as toothaches and to help identify early growth and development issues. Our philosophy for dental care has always been, that keeping teeth healthy is a thousand times better than fixing problems once they’ve occurred. 

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Frenectomy Services

Dr. Katherine Cotton, DMD MS  – One of Arizona’s “Preferred Providers” for Frenectomy Services

A Contemporary Approach to Lip Tie, Tongue Tie and Breastfeeding

My latest passion is more personal to me.  Almost 40 years ago I had nursing issues with one of my babies. With my first born there were no breastfeeding issues. However, I had a number of issues with my second born.   He was a caesarean delivery, he weighed almost 10 lbs, had a voracious appetite and never seemed satisfied.

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What People Love About Our Practice

A mother whose baby can’t nurse properly will be seen within the week.

The look and feel of our office appeals to all ages.

Every parent and child will see Dr. Cotton on every visit.

Dr. Cotton has a heart for special needs kids.

And much more…